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Consulting Solutions, Mining Projects and exclusive representative MinePlan® in Brazil.

For more than 27 years, the PROMINAS establishes its presence as a reference in the Mining Projects, Consulting, Mining Engineering Projects and Geology sectors.

The name PROMINAS is associated with several mining companies and we lead the supply of mining software in Brazil.

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THE PROMINAS offers its clients complete consultancy in the mining area. With a highly qualified team, we offer solutions from the Exploration phase to Mine Closure.

Excellence in service and results is our commitment!



O HxGN MinePlan® is advanced software that meets all mining needs.

As it is a high-tech 3-D system, the HxGN MinePlan® is capable of providing interactive editing that all types of data pertaining to mining projects.



We develop and deliver advanced development programs for training professionals in the mining area.

From data management to drilling and blasting. 

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Offer updated products and services that exceed our customers' expectations, with high standards of quality and service.
Promote sustainable development, respecting the environment and encouraging full citizenship, adopting practices that improve quality of life.
Work with honesty, professionalism and transparency. Respecting the principles, policies and procedures defined by the company, regulated by law.
Act in a planned and collaborative manner, seeking high performance and promoting shared responsibility to achieve objectives.
Foster creativity and lead with advanced technology, implementing differentiated solutions to ensure competitiveness.


28 May: Topographic Survey with Drone: Integration of MinePlan and Cyclone3DR

Did you know that MinePlan integrates topographical surveying carried out by drones and Cyclone3DR through an intelligent and automated process? Drones are a valuable tool in mine operation and surveying. They enable rapid data collection, allowing a greater understanding of local topography, obtaining information on the precise positioning of materials, stock piles, positioning of machines for maintenance stops, construction of ramps and transport roads, drilling monitoring and disassemble, operational and safety videos, among many other applications. Particularly in high-risk environments, autonomous reality capture offers a unique opportunity to document and measure complex environments to create accurate digital versions. This allows companies to conduct their projects more efficiently, saving valuable time and opening up new possibilities. Prominas offers…

16 May: Surface Simplify: Make Surface and Solid Treatment Easier

Have you ever wondered how mining software can simplify complex tasks such as surface and solid treatment? Welcome to the fascinating world of MinePlan 3D (MP3D), where technology meets simplicity to make your work easier. Let's explore a tool called Surface Simplify, which is changing the way we deal with surfaces and solids in mining. Discover the Simplify Tool for treating surfaces and solids. The Simplify tool can be accessed through the Surface menu, and is divided into two distinct operations: Decimate and De-spike. Both operations aim to simplify the desired geometry, but each is applied to a different type of situation. The Decimate operation can be used to reduce the number of faces on a surface or solid, without making a significant change to them, in terms of...

Hxgn Planning Summit
04 Apr: Hexagon Planning Summit

Here comes the Hexagon Planning Summit: a fascinating journey into Geology and Mine Planning! Prominas Mining, in partnership with Hexagon Mining Division, invites you to the Hexagon Mining Summit. The event will take place at CREA-MG, in Belo Horizonte, on April 11, 2024! Join us to explore the latest innovations in geology and mine planning. It will be an extraordinary journey for geologists and mining engineers, with an intense exchange of knowledge, unmissable technical discussions and networking. The event will be hybrid, allowing both in-person and virtual access. To guarantee your place in person, register now, places are limited. Prominas Mining and Hexagon Mining Division: A partnership for success. CONFIRM YOUR PRESENCE HERE. CHECK THE AGENDA. Prominas Mining Team

13 Jun: Prominas University - Geological Modeling 2023-01

Are you aware of the news? Registration is open for the NEW edition of our immersion and technical training program, Prominas University. Get ready for a dive into the world of Geological Modeling! It is with great satisfaction that we announce the next edition of Prominas University – PUGeo23-1, an unmissable event for geology students and professionals. This time, our focus will be on the fascinating universe of Geological Modeling, an essential discipline in our area of work. We want to provide an enriching and practical experience, where you can deepen your knowledge, improve your skills and expand your network of contacts in this dynamic area. If you are a student or newly graduated professional passionate about Geology, this is the perfect opportunity to update yourself and connect with other colleagues in the field, and all this for free! Program Start: 26/06/2023 Duration 2 weeks…

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