2020 June


MinePlan Releases: MinePlan 2020 Release 1

Hi! We would like to announce the release of “MinePlan 2020 Release 1” available on the Hexagon Mining website under the “Client Center” section, which can be accessed via the link //client-portal.hexagonmining.com/ClientPortal.aspx. The highlights of this release are: the new Reconciliation Tool, configuration of custom hotkeys through the Hot Keys option, integration with Leyca Cyclone 3DR and the option of Process Points type destinations in MinePlan Schedule Optimizer (MPSO) Below you can check the complete list with the various fixes and improvements: HxGN MinePlan 3D 15.70 includes the following improvements: New Tools and Features: Remote Folder, a functionality to create remote folders that allows dynamic links to external projects; Hot Keys feature allows users to define custom hotkeys in MP3D; Implementation of the Leyca Cyclone 3DR integration with the Nova Reconciliation Tool,…