2021 February


Main Geologist Vacancy

Prominas Mining is growing and we are increasingly committed to bringing the most modern solutions to the mining market. We have a SPOT on our team for Principal Geologist with extensive experience in open pit and underground mining. The Principal Geologist is responsible for the technical leadership of the geology discipline at Prominas. The Principal Geologist plays an important role in building and deploying technical capabilities in the geosciences community and in stimulating technology development at Prominas. Reporting to the Director of Sales and Technical Services, this is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with Prominas Mining's team of experts on projects ranging from exploration planning, technical reviews, due diligence and feasibility studies. The location is the Prominas office in Belo Horizonte. Frequent domestic travel and occasional travel…


Tips & Tricks Prominas | Texture Surface

Texture Surface: Applying Images as Textures to Surfaces in MinePlan 3D Did you know that you can apply digital images as textures to a surface? MinePlan offers two alternatives for adding images to a surface, the Texture Surface Tool and the Texture Surface from Image tools, both available in the Utilities menu. Through the Texture Surface Tool you can add different georeferenced images to texture a surface. When activating the tool for the first time, the dialog box will be empty. Subsequent executions of this function will save previously used textures and their location information, making future work easier. There are two methods for adding textures to a surface within the Texture Surface Tool. The Orientation option uses a point as the origin and the Corners option, in addition to using the origin, uses two other coordinates allowing the program to…