2022 March


HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate

HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate Overview HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate is a mobile geological record application for collecting drillhole or spot sample data. Drillhole and field data are collected on a tablet using the GeoSlate app with pre-configured log templates. Data can be instantly shared over Wi-Fi using our microservice technology, syncing directly with sample databases in the connected MinePlan3D environment for subsequent geological analysis and workflow execution at the click of a button. Features and Benefits The intuitive, workflow-centric field logging interface is optimized for rugged Android tablet devices, providing the highest quality user experience. Pre-populated templates and customizable field codes simplify field preparation. Supports data collection including geological,…


MinePlan Releases: MinePlan 2022 Release 1

We would like to announce the update of “MinePlan 2022 Release 1” available on the Hexagon Mining website in the “Client Center” section, which can be accessed via the link //planning.hexagonmining.com. These files are also available via the link //client-portal.hexagonmining.com/. This release contains several improvements and performance improvements. HxGN MinePlan 3D 16.0.2 includes the following improvements: Improved performance when exporting large DXF files. Improved performance in delete faces function. Enables the use of the SHIFT key when renaming a folder. Fix the CTRL+G shortcut to create a new Geometry Object. Fixes an issue with the PopUp Menu when right clicking. Fixes a performance issue when toggling the light bulb in object properties. Fixes an issue where the Drillhole properties dialog hides behind the Data Manager after clicking APPLY. Fix the…