2022 August


MinePlan Releases: MinePlan 2022 Release 3

We would like to announce that MinePlan 2022 Release 3 is now available on the Hexagon Mining website under the “Client Center” section (https://client-portal.hexagonmining.com/). This release contains several improvements and performance improvements. HxGN MinePlan 3D 16.0.4 includes the following improvements: Adds AutoCAD import support for DXF/DWG files up to 2023 format. Adds feature where the 2D plane is highlighted in a 3D view. Improved performance for importing block models using MSDART. Improved performance of block model imports for 3rd party models, Vulcan and Datamine. Improved coordinate system manager by adding an option for proj4. Activates the General Gridder tool to plot points in 3D space. Improved import of DXF/DWG files exported through Global Mapper. Improved the Autoslicer tool to use a cut slope along…