2023 April

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D&T Prominas | point editor

Point Editor: Versatility and precision in creating and editing points. Did you know that MinePlan 3D (MP3D) has a tool that allows you to create and edit points using specific coordinates, relative distance and/or vectors? The Point Editor tool allows you to create/edit points from input of desired coordinates. It works in conjunction with other editing tools, and allows you to create and move points, independent or associated with a line or polygon. The Point Editor is accessed through the Utilities menu. After opening the tool, you should start some editing operation with another tool, such as Create Point, Move Point, Create Polygon or Create Polyline, and the Point Editor will act as an auxiliary tool. For example, when creating a line, you can add the points of that line through the Point Editor. It is possible to add points in a…

auto cut generation batch (1)

D&T Prominas | Auto cut generation batch

Auto Cut Generation Batch: Agility in the generation of cuts. Did you know that MinePlan now has a feature that allows the generation of cuts for several objects in sequence? Located in the Utilities menu, the Auto Cut Generation tool now has a new tab called Batch, allowing the user to queue up the solids to be cut. To form this queue, you must first configure the parameters on the Options tabs (selection of solids, polygons or lines, definition of limits, etc.) and Naming (definition of the names of the Elements and associated Material). Then, on the Batch tab, click Add and select the object that will receive this result. By repeating this process for each solid, the queue will be built. With the queue already built, you can observe some information about the cuts: Index, listing the order that…