2023 May

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D&T Prominas | MPSO Block Schedule Coding

MPSO Block Schedule Coding: Encode the result of Mining Sequencing in the block model. Did you know that MinePlan Schedule Optimizer (MPSO) has an option that allows the user to easily stamp results into the Block Model? The Block Schedule Coding option, located in the Utilities menu, makes it possible to stamp Block Model items with the sequenced periods and destinations to which the materials were sent. After accessing the option, you can, in a simple way, configure the Destinations tab, through the Code column, inserting the desired numeric code that each destination will represent in the Block Model. In the Destination Item option, you must specify the model item into which the values will be encoded. Figure 1: Destinations tab in Block Schedule Coding – MPSO. In the Periods tab, you can specify in the Period Item column the variable of…


D&T Promines | Activity Scheduler – Truck Leveling

MinePlan Activity Scheduler – Truck Leveling: Practicality in leveling the number of trucks. Did you know that MinePlan Activity Scheduler has a tool that automatically levels the number of transport equipment when distributing material? Short-term planning is one of the main channels of communication between planning and mine operations. The Truck Leveling Tool allows the user to optimize material movement based on the schedule and limit truck over-utilization, automatically reducing excavator productivity. This helps to eliminate equipment overuse and create an effective schedule in a short amount of time, allowing you to analyze and adjust the number of equipment in the fleet to ensure that the target is achieved. To use this tool, click on the Truck Leveling Configuration option located in the Project panel. The tool…