2024 February

Sigma - Figura2

D&T Prominas | Sigma – Integration with MP3D

Sigma integration with MP3D: Highlight and visualize data from within Sigma. Did you know that Sigma allows you to highlight data directly in MinePlan 3D? In this Tips & Tricks, we will see how to observe samples that meet a certain criteria using Sigma graphs. To enable integration between Sigma and MP3D, it is necessary to link the MinePlan Drillhole Manager hole Data Source with its respective hole view, called DH View. To do this, when creating the Data Source, you must load the hole view object in the DH View Object field. Note that the object must be open at the time of connection. Figure 1 illustrates this link. Figure 1: Linking a hole view to Sigma. Once the hole view is linked to Sigma, you can select datasets from the…