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3 Launches Prominas Mining x Hexagon Mining 2nd semester 2019

THE Prominas Mining is full of NEWS!

We recently brought three releases  from Hexagon Mining who came to revolutionize modern mining. Check out a small release of each of these new tools offered by Prominas Mining throughout the national territory:

HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE): Designed for the needs of pit optimization and strategic sequencing providing the configuration of multiple, auditable scenarios, easy-to-access communication and the ability to generate complete reports that provide an overview of the entire project. He facilitates decision making by presenting pit-to-pit graphs.

HxGN MineOperate Foundation: Simplifies daily tasks, giving subsidies to end users to really have the operation in their hands through acquisition and access of data through tablets and smartphones. It brings a wide range of features for taking and managing data, it allows fleet management, drilling and blast monitoring, analysis and reporting of pertinent information.

HxGN MineEnterprise: O key concept of this platform is the integration, allowing the management of data from the most diverse areas of mining enterprises. Data is transformed into information packages and these are actionable and delivered directly to stakeholders.

Prominas Mining offers complete, robust, integrated, modern and intelligent solutions for the mining market. We offer solutions from mine planning and geology, through operations, data collection, monitoring and security. We act as exclusive representatives of Hexagon Mining in Brazil! In addition, we have services for project consulting and our program training of young talents whether they are engineers or geologists.

Understand how each of these Prominas tools can enhance your mining projects: Get in touch with #TimeProminas

Stay tuned in our networks and check out how Prominas Mining has been committed to bringing the best news to the mining and geology market in Brazil.

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