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Tips & Tricks Prominas |Compress Model: Block Model Optimization

Compress Model: Block Model Optimization Do you know how big your Block Model is? Is the project hogging the network or disk space? In situations where block model files are large, taking up considerable disk space, it is recommended to create a compressed model with the Compress Model option. Through the Compress Model it is possible to keep only the necessary blocks in the model. This is done by using solids that represent a workspace, which reduces the number of blocks to be used in procedures. In the following image, blocks can be seen outside the work area represented by the surface of the Final Pit. These blocks are irrelevant to the work related to this Pit. Figure 01 – View of the Model with the Pit To apply the Compress Model,…

Tips & Tricks Prominas |Process Point in MPSO

Process Point: Optimized sequencing even more detailed in MPSO. In today's Tips & Tricks we'll bring you a new feature that will make MinePlan Schedule Optimizer (MPSO ) even better: Process Point. A new destination type that allows you to customize changes in grade, qualities and quantities as the material passes through a specific location in the process flow. With it, it is possible to elaborate a sequencing taking into account all the details of your mine, thus making it part of the optimization process in the MPSO. Working as a material entry and exit point, the Process Point allows, through simple calculations made in the Python language, that the material is transformed in relation to parameters such as mass, content, recovery and sent to another destination that meets a certain specification. Therefore, it is possible to insert the Process Point representing plants of…

Tips & Tricks Prominas | MinePlan Reconciliation Tool

Reconciliation Tool: Greater practicality for analysis between planned and accomplished. In today's Tips & Tricks, we have a novelty to present, the Reconciliation Tool, a very practical tool for calculations and analysis between the planned and the carried out in a mining plan. Through it we can analyze the efficiency of the mine during a certain period, that is, it will analyze the volume between what was planned and executed in the mine, making it simple to obtain solids from the topographical surfaces. The Reconciliation Tool is accessed from the OP Eng Tools menu in MP3D. The tool has 02 windows to be configured, in the first one, the user will specify the directory where the result will be saved, the start and end date of the reconciliation and also the name of the object that will be generated. This one, allows it to be manually named and/or…


MinePlan Releases: MinePlan 2020 Release 1

Hi! We would like to announce the release of “MinePlan 2020 Release 1” available on the Hexagon Mining website under the “Client Center” section, which can be accessed via the link //client-portal.hexagonmining.com/ClientPortal.aspx. The highlights of this release are: the new Reconciliation Tool, configuration of custom hotkeys through the Hot Keys option, integration with Leyca Cyclone 3DR and the option of Process Points type destinations in MinePlan Schedule Optimizer (MPSO) Below you can check the complete list with the various fixes and improvements: HxGN MinePlan 3D 15.70 includes the following improvements: New Tools and Features: Remote Folder, a functionality to create remote folders that allows dynamic links to external projects; Hot Keys feature allows users to define custom hotkeys in MP3D; Implementation of the Leyca Cyclone 3DR integration with the Nova Reconciliation Tool,…

Tips & Tricks Prominas/MineSight: Storing Equipment in MSHaulage

In order not to need to re-enter the data of a certain type of equipment, it is possible to store this information in the project's database. This option is accessed by clicking the “Equipment Repository” icon in the MSHaulage “Equipment” menu. Information such as physical availability, utilization, payload and speed curves, fuel consumption and rimpull are stored and if you start a new MSHaulage project, in the same database as your project, just enter the above command and load the equipment that interests you. It is also possible to export equipment saved in the “Equipment Repository” from an MSHaulage so that they can be imported into another database. This option allows you to have a database of your mine's loading and transport equipment and eliminates the need to always fill in the same equipment data.

Prominas - Podcast - Capa-Video

MineEnterprise: Data Integration in Mining 4.0

MineEnterprise: Data Integration in Mining 4.0 Meet the Prominas Mining PODCAST. A quick chat about the news of modern mining and the solutions that Prominas has to make the mining chain faster, more practical and more delivered. In our first edition, our Technological Solutions Manager, Eder Alves, tells about how HxGN Mine Enterprise uses advanced and modern Power BI and Big Data technologies in the so-called Mining 4.0. Learn more about the development of technology for the needs of mine workers has made it possible to make data available for remote access, transforming it into strategic information for analysis. APERTA O PLAY Quer saber mais sobre o Mine Enterprise, entre em contato com o #TimeProminas Fone: (31) 3497-5092 E-mail: contato@prominasmining.com #prominasmining #geologia #engenhariademinas #exposibram #hexagonmining #mineplan #mineracao #mining #geology #planning #consulting #technology #software

Entenda sobre as soluções da Prominas Mining para Planejamento de Mina

Understand End-to-End Mine Planning

Mine Planning is carried out after an established prior knowledge of the ore mineral of interest. It corresponds to the process to determine the most efficient methodologies for sequencing mining and extraction, thus being the result of a set of tasks aimed at the best use of mineral resources. Proper Mine Planning is essential for the success of the enterprise, since it is the decision-making process for its conduct and development. Good planning takes into account skills in Geology and Mine Planning: Geology Early on in mine planning, a geological understanding of the site is necessary. In this context, geological uncertainties are considered the main contributors to possible failures in the processes throughout the mine's useful life. In order to avoid them, deep geological knowledge is extremely necessary…

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3 Launches Prominas Mining x Hexagon Mining 2nd semester 2019

Prominas Mining is full of NEWS! We recently brought you three Hexagon Mining launches that came to revolutionize modern mining. Check out a small release of each of these new tools offered by Prominas Mining throughout the national territory: HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE): Designed for the needs of pit optimization and strategic sequencing, providing the configuration of multiple, auditable scenarios, a easy-to-access communication and the ability to generate comprehensive reports that provide an overview of the entire project. It facilitates decision making by presenting pit-to-pit graphs. HxGN MineOperate Foundation: Simplifies daily tasks, giving end users subsidies to really have the operation in their hands through data acquisition and access through tablets and smartphones. It brings a wide range of features for taking and managing data,…

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HXGN MINEPLAN PROJECT EVALUATOR NEWS IN STRATEGIC PLANNING The Prominas Mining team introduces the HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE), Hexagon Mining's new MinePlan software solution for strategic planning with pit optimization and strategic mine life sequencing. MPPE allows mine planners to use the most robust methodologies on the market to generate optimized pits, in addition to being composed of new features that allow strategic sequencing and analysis of different scenarios, which helps optimal decision-making. . With robust case management tools, the HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator features full exportable reports, pit-to-pit graphs, and direct integration with the HxGN MinePlan 3D viewer. Undoubtedly, MPPE opens a new era for strategic mine planning!…