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Understand why having a complete consultancy in the area of MINING

Our consultancy

We offer our customers a complete consulting in the area of mining. Our solutions run from the exploration phase to mine closure.

Get more out of HxGN MinePlan® with the program PROMINAS Consulting. A specialized and highly qualified team to plan, lead and assist your projects.

In our consultancy, the client provides all the data necessary to start the studies, such as topography files, mineral resources, economic parameters, mine drawings and mine sequencing. With the data available, our team starts the studies prior to the final feasibility studies, then calculates the reserve estimate, the mine design and the ore extraction sequence, so we can project the mine's profitability. Capital and operating costs enter into the cash flow analysis to conform to NPV and investment rate of return guidelines.

A complete service that manages to meet all aspects of the mine project, and is differentiated according to the type of project, underground or open pit mine. the mines of open pit  We went through the following phases: design of the mine's operational phases, expansion of the tailings pile and transport plans. already the mines underground, we deliver the layout of the main galleries, ventilation openings, geometries of the opening of highlights. Finally, we estimate the main equipment requirements, and a report  technician with all project documentation.

These are the stages of our Consultancy:

  1. Information

  2. Studies

  3. Planning

  4. Estimates

  5. reports

  6. Documentation

Our collaborating engineers are highly qualified to work in:

  • Definition of reservations;
  • Definition of extraction rate and mine life;
  • Selection of mining method;
  • Open pit and underground mine planning;
  • Optimization, sequencing and pit design;
  • Management of sterile piles and stock;
  • Selection of ideal sizes and equipment fleet sizing;
  • Master plan;
  • Economic analysis;
  • Technical analysis of supplier proposals.

Among the various areas of activity in geology, the following services stand out:
  • Database management;
  • Mapping and geological-structural modeling;
  • Survey management and inspection;
  • Description and sampling of drill cores;
  • Resource estimation and classification, with geostatistics and simulation tools;
  • Technical analysis of supplier proposals;
  • Preparation of research plans and reports;
  • Monitoring of mining processes with the ANM.

Detailed assessment of mineral resources is essential for a productive mine and is a specialty of PROMINAS MinePlan® Consulting Services. From the previous studies to the final feasibility studies, PROMINAS professionals carry out studies of various deposits, for open pit and underground mine exploration.

For the assessment of mineral resources, the customer provides the data – electronic files of geological records and sample data (drillholes, surface samples, subsurface samples, etc.), and the precise location of the samples. These files typically include a surface topography file, drillhole opening coordinates, survey data from underground holes, and X, Y, Z locations of sample points.

From the data provided, the PROMINAS MinePlan® Consulting Service will build a geological model and estimate of the resources in the deposit. The Consultancy will apply industry standard methods for geological interpretation, geostatistical analysis, grade interpolation and resource classification. PROMINAS handles all aspects of mineral resource assessment. Alternatively, we can incorporate your existing work. For example, the geologists responsible for the project can perform the geological interpretation, leaving the resource estimation to PROMINAS. PROMINAS' MinePlan® Consulting Service can even build GSM models for stratigraphic deposits that demonstrate more complex 3D geometry.

The client will receive a detailed technical report, presenting the results of the mineral resource assessment; for example, estimation of measured, indicated and inferred resource tons and grades at different cut grades. It will also include all assumptions, data and calculations that were used to produce the estimates.

Get more out of HxGN MinePlan® with assistance from PROMINAS Projects, a group of professionals dedicated to helping you.

Don't let lack of manpower or overwork reduce your productivity. The geology and mining engineering professionals at PROMINAS Project Assistance will help you directly or even remotely.

When everyone is counting on you, count on PROMINAS HxGN MinePlan® Projects assistance. PROMINAS also offers Specialized Consulting services in:

  • Conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies;
  • Project management;
  • Operational diagnostics;
  • Audit services;
  • Production expansion.

William Werner
New Gold Inc.
Drilling & Blasting Engineer

“Everything is easier in HxGN MinePlan Blast. There's no doubt that you've built the best design tool in our industry. …we have achieved cost savings of 12% since October 2015 when the HxGN MinePlan Blast implementation was completed”

Alfredo Silva
Anglo American
Short Term Planning Engineer

“The Atlas solution is a tool that has consistently helped us with short-term planning. We use the tool in all our activities, whether in mining sequencing or in the sequencing of infrastructure activities. The tool helps us quickly carry out scenarios and identify conflicts of activities that could result in non-compliance with the plan.”

Rafael Grossi
Mining Coordinator

“MPSO is a mining sequencing module that generates excellent results, uses an integrated mine planning system, contains well-defined mining objectives, practical and didactic interface, agility in reading the algorithms, sequence of animations, in addition to having reports automation of the main production variables. It can be applied at all stages of mine planning, from the very short term to the “Life of Mine” of an enterprise. Essential tool for fast and safe results”

Paul Tan
Great Panther Mining
Technical and Resource Manager

“…All data relevant to a project, such as topography files, block models, pit design, polygon release/realization, geology wireframes, are kept within a logical project structure on our network for easy access and review. Drillhole and grid control data is stored within the MinePlan Torque (SQL) database, which is fully integrated with the routines built into MinePlan, which generates hole composites…”

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