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Prominas/MineSight Tips & Tricks: MSSO – Mineral Content.

The MineSight software development pace continues to accelerate, especially when it comes to the MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO), which recently gained new features, making it even more powerful. Along with improvements in scheduling calculations, the MSSO now you have even more options for controlling and restricting your sequencing. One of the latest great innovations is the possibility of direct control of the product or mineral concentrate in the MSSO.

So you can directly control the mass and contents needed for the process, and at the same time, have the product result or control of any other material in the production goals. This control is performed directly through the panel “Mineral Content”, where you have the option to control the upper and lower limits for each destination, phases, periods and other available filters.

The calculation of “Mineral Content” is performed according to the equation: Mineral Content = Tonnage * Grade * Recovery(%) * Factor. It is necessary to define the mass recovery and a conversion factor, adopted for each material and destination. These parameters are defined in the panel Destination Economics through the columns Recovery(%) and Factor, respectively.

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