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Tips & Tricks Prominas/MineSight: MSSO – Sequencing Using Solids

MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO) has different configuration options for the mine area:

  •  Open sky through polygons stored in a database;
  •   Open skies reading from text files generated by MineSight's reserve calculation tools (scd extension);
  •  GSM (Stratigraphic) models.

 Since version 4.5 of MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO) with the Open Pit Mining Area option, it is possible to carry out its sequencing using solids, which are more accurate than polygons and the user also gains more facilities in viewing their mining plans.

 In the initial stages of preparation for sequencing, when discretizing the phases into cuts, you can use the new Auto Cut Generation plug-in, accessed from the Utilities menu, a versatile tool that will provide you with greater productivity.

When working with solids, the mssoLevel attribute must be considered to indicate to which level the solid belongs, this information will be fundamental for the vertical precedence calculations in MSSO.

When configuring Auto Cut Generation to work with solids, you must choose the dimensions, origin and area where the tool will generate the cuts in phases for the sequencing step. The cuts can be based on a planar grid (uniform or varied spacing and according to the desired height for each bench) or across a surface.
In the Naming tab, wildcards can be used to assign a unique name to each cut generated. Furthermore, with the $gridPlane wildcard it is possible to assign a Material of its reference level to the cut. As a suggestion, you can name your cuts as follows: $solidName_$gridPlane_$count (Name of the source solid_Level of the cut_Count), for $count, it is important to remember that the Padding, number of significant figures, must be adequate to the total number of cuts in the same Level . In the Leftover Solid Name field, fill in the elevation of the last plane of the reference grid, just above or below the source solid, according to the option “Attribute solid below surface. Default: above”, this field defines whether your cut will be referenced by the crest or by the foot of the bank.

 When importing sections into MineSight Interactive Planner (MSIP), previously configure the Attrib Import tab, so that the mssoLevel attribute can be populated from the information contained in the Element Material.

 These settings ensure that the dimensions of the solids are correctly and automatically filled in the mssoLevel attribute.

 Good sequencing with Solids!

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