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Prominas/MineSight Tips & Tricks: Quick Model Stats, model analysis that really is fast.

How many times have you not come across a block model and only needed to check what the maximum of a variable is? Or even knowing how many missing blocks there are in a variable (eg lithology) ?

For this quick analysis, the Quick Model Stats was launched. In this it is possible to do from a simple statistical analysis, to a resource parameterization chart.

In this edition of D&T we will show you how to do a simple minimum and maximum analysis of the model variables.

To do this, go to the MS3D menu called MODEL > QUICK MODEL STATS

The initial screen is very intuitive and simple, so just select your PCF and then the model for which you want the information. Once the selected model is selected, you will have the variables you want to analyze, so mark the desired ones and then click on the SHOW MODEL DATA button.

Okay, now you have the information.

If you want to make a statistical summary of an item, select it in the CONTROL ITEM and press the RUN button, and you will have the respective statistical summary based on the selected control item.

See how fast it really is?

To the next !

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