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Tips & Tricks Prominas/MineSight: Ring Design Tool – Ease your Underground Mine!

MineSight software has been improving and renewing itself when it comes to underground mine tools. Recently new tools for this purpose were created and added to MineSight, highlighting its great potential in this segment of world mining. Among the new tools for “Underground” we can mention the MSStope, Decline Design, Raise Design, among others.

 We can say that this underground advance was leveraged and initiated by a great tool, the powerful Ring Design Tool. THE ring design (DR)is a tool for creating blasthole patterns on a plane regardless of their orientation.

The tool allows creating drilling plans (manual/automatic), loading holes, generating detailed reports, enabling customized plotting of holes.

ring design already has some standards for creating the plans, such as the explosives to be used, the diameter of the holes, default density of the material to be detonated, among others. However, the tool easily allows the insertion of new standards, thus adapting the reality and needs of the client and his project. This insertion is very simple and easy, being possible by editing a file called “rd_Default.txt” existing in the MineSight installation folder (C:\MineSight). Therefore, when changing/inserting new information to this file, your changes will automatically be listed within the ring design, making it possible to create a new drilling plan using this new information entered.

enjoy it Ring Design Tool and the new underground mining tools that MineSight has for you!

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