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Data Manager: Organizing data and managing object visualization.

Did you know that the MinePlan 3D (MP3D) Does your interface have a section dedicated to organizing and managing your data?

O Data Manager, located on the left side of the interface of MinePlan, is responsible for functions such as managing, creating and deleting folders and objects from a project, opening and closing folders and objects, importing and exporting data, among others.

It is divided into two tabs: the Project View, which contains all project folders and objects at the top, and the contents of the selected folder at the bottom. And the tab Open View, where only the data that is open is shown at the top, and the materials assigned to the elements of these objects are displayed at the bottom. Figure 1 shows a comparison between the two tabs.

Figure 1: Different tabs of the Data Manager.

Another important feature in Data Manager is the menu available when right-clicking on the tab Project View. With it you can create new folders, objects, grid sets, materials, among others. It is also possible to import and export objects, as well as more basic functions such as opening and closing objects, copying, pasting, editing and deleting objects, in addition to enabling the selection of elements within objects, among many other functions. Figure 2 presents this menu.

Figure 2: Options available with the right button. Highlight for the creation with New.

Another function of Data Manager and the MinePlan Resource Map, which allows you to save a visualization configuration (open objects, section on a given axis, configuration of grid, camera position, etc.), and quickly return to it in the future by opening the MinePlan again. Figure 3 shows the icons involving this option.

Figure 3: Shortcuts for using the Resource Map.

Wassup, did you like this tip? For more information about the Data Manager, in addition to other functionalities and tools of the MinePlan, contact our team and we will be happy to serve you.

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