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Drillhole Design Tool: Planning drillhole trajectories.

Did you know that it is possible to generate drillholes quickly, using directional and geological parameters in the MinePlan 3D?

The tool Drillhole Design Tool, located in the menu Geo Tools, allows you to plan the trajectory of a drillhole from previously established polylines, inserting it by clicking directly on the xViewer or by defining coordinates.

When opening the tool, a name is defined for the hole and, later, one of the following configuration modes:

  • Use existing polylines: allows you to select polylines already drawn in the xViewer. The option "reverse string” reverses the direction of the hole (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Selection of polylines directly in the xViewer.

  • Direct design: allows you to position the mouth of the hole by clicking on the xViewer ( Figure 2) or typing the coordinates. Next, define the direction and dip of the hole. The parameters section allows simulating geological conditions, in order to divert the hole towards the structures of interest.

Figure 2: Definition of the mouth of the hole from a click on the xViewer (yellow square).

  • constrained design: allows you to plan a hole by defining its origin (Collar) and a target (target). The two positions can be defined by clicking on the xViewer or typing the coordinates. This option also allows deviation by geological parameters and even supports the definition of a tolerance radius (Figure 3) in the search for a target.

Figure 3: Defining a hole using the constrained design.

As usual in MinePlan, you can preview the result before running the command. Finally, it is possible to save the hole as a geometric object in the MP3D or in a database of MPTorque.

Wassup, did you like this tip? For more information about the tool Drillhole Design Tool, in addition to other functionalities and tools of the MinePlan, contact our team and we will be happy to serve you.

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