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D&T Prominas | Pushback Design Methods – MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE)

Design Methods Pushbacks: Different methodologies for defining the design of Pushbacks.

Did you know that the MinePlan Project Evaluator has different methodologies for generating pushbacks?

At the MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE), when working on the task pushback to generate mining phases, you can choose different strategies for generating pushbacks: Incremental Pushback Analysis or Directional Pushback Analysis.

The method Incremental allows designing a series of phases with relatively constant geometries. This projection is made defining the depth, number of banks to be evaluated or width and a minimum mass value, in tons. In addition to these geometric parameters, a limit is chosen to identify the blocks of greatest economic value, ensuring that the opening of the phases are in the areas of greatest value.

The method Directional, in addition to having the same premises as the Incremental, makes it possible to define an azimuth, for directional control when creating phases. Figure 01 highlights where the method to be used and the other functions for defining the characteristics of the phases are defined.

Figure 1: Task pushback – Method of design

You pushbacks generated are listed in the tab shells of Evaluator and can be viewed and exported directly to the MinePlan 3D. Figure 02 illustrates a section exemplifying this integration.

Figure 2: pushbacks visas in section through the MinePlan 3D.

To access the results and export the values obtained, simply right-click on the tasks pushbacks and go on Results. Graphs and tables will be generated with all the information for each of the phases. Figure 03 exemplifies the reports generated by Evaluator.

Figure 3: Results generated by MPPE.

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