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D&T Prominas | Appointment of Pushbacks in MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE)

Appointment of Pushbacks – MinePlan Project Evaluator: Automatically naming pushbacks generated during optimization.

Did you know that the MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE) Does it present an option that makes it easier to name different pushbacks created in your project?

During the pit optimization stage, it is common to work with a large volume of information, especially after carrying out sensitivity analyses. Therefore, organizing data is a great way to facilitate the workflow of a project.

At the MinePlan Project Evaluator (MPPE), when working on the Task pushback to generate mining phases, you can name them automatically, through the use of tokens, the different pushbacks created by optimization. This can be done using the option PushbackName.

You tokens they can assign names considering parameters such as: incremental order of phases; economic function that was used; methodology for defining the general angles of the pit; among other options. Figure 01 shows the location of the function and its options.

Figure 1: PushbackName.

In this example, a pattern was created referencing the economic function to be used, the word pushback, and the incremental order of pushbacks: ({Economics}-Pushback_{index}).

After the generation of pushbacks, the geometries can be consulted in the tab shells. You pushbacks created throughout the project will appear in this list, with a column with the name of each of them. Their identification is made easier with the use of a nomenclature that references the parameters with which they were created. Figure 2 shows the visualization of the pushbacks in the tab shells after optimization, and in the last column we can see the names created automatically by the token.

Figure 2: pushbacks created seen in the tab shells.

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