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D&T Promines | Set Global Color by Range

Set Global Color by Range: Simplicity and personality for visualizing groups of data in the MinePlan.

Did you know that the MinePlan 3D (MP3D) has a feature that allows you to color objects using a color scale?

This functionality of MinePlan allows you to color several objects at once, with pre-defined or user-created color scales, thus improving the visualization of your data for use in presentations and reports.

To perform this configuration, you need a group of objects and a color scale. Then select all the objects you want to color from the menu Data Manager, clicking and dragging over them, or using “Ctrl” + Left Mouse Button to select objects individually.

With the objects selected, click on the Set Global Color by Range, located in the window Object Properties, in the section Global. Next, a dialog box will appear, showing the available color scales, in addition to allowing the creation of a new scale. After selecting the desired scale and clicking on OK, it will be applied to the objects, according to the order of selection, that is, if you click and drag from the bottom to the top, the selected object will first receive the initial color of the scale, and so on.

Figure 01: Tool configuration.

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