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HxGN MinePlan 2023 Release Notes – MPAS and MPSO.

The HxGN MinePlan product team and Prominas are pleased to announce the release of HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler v6.6 and HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer v13.10.1, which come with many improvements and enhancements. Hexagon has worked hard to incorporate your comments and suggestions to ensure this release provides the best possible performance and functionality.

We are confident that these improvements will add value to your experience. We welcome your feedback and comments as we continually strive to improve MinePlan to meet your needs. If you have questions about how to install the software, the Prominas Support team is available to support you.

Thank you for choosing MinePlan. We look forward to continuing to serve you with exceptional products and services.

news on HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler v6.6

  • Adds the option to override the routing of activities of this type Production Source when using optimized routing.
  • Adds option to simplify the process of creating connections between Production Sources and Destinations through Process Canvas.
  • Allows you to export surfaces using the option Export Support Files.
  • Improvement in surface recognition, when requested.
  • Improved performance when using activity behavior as Is Sequential unchecked.
  • Improvement in the use of Activity Path.
  • Chart sync update Gantt with the activities.
  • Improved connection with the blast.
  • Improvement in selection by Process Canvas.
  • Improvement when importing solids when the object name property is blank.
  • Improvement in the use of the dashboard Network Availability.
  • Improvement in notifications when cloning a project using the option Settings Only.
  • Update in destination management in routing configurations, in projects created with the option Clone Settings Only.

What's new in HxGN MinePlan Scheduler Optimizer v13.10.1

  • Improvement in phase management in Process Flow, when using advanced restriction settings.
  • Improvement in working with Haulage Network.

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