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HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate

HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate


HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate is a geological record mobile application for collecting drillhole or spot sample data. Drilling and field data is collected on a tablet using the app GeoSlate with pre-configured registry templates. Data can be instantly shared over Wi-Fi using our microservice technology, syncing directly with sample databases in the environment MinePlan3D connected for subsequent geological analysis and workflow execution at the click of a button.

Features and benefits

  • The intuitive, workflow-centric field recording interface is optimized for rugged Android tablet devices, providing the highest quality user experience.
  • Pre-populated templates and customizable field codes simplify field preparation.
  • Supports data collection including geological, mineralogical, rock mass, geotechnical, defects, point load, water, samples and more to meet all your data collection needs.
  • Real-time data validation controls quality and consistency saving time.
  • Microservices sync technology allows data to be published instantly to Data Service over Wi-Fi, synchronizing directly with the sample databases in the environment  MinePlan, where they can be used in all geological workflows  downstream.
  • Synchronization minimizes time spent importing/exporting, bundling, transmitting and QA/QC on data.
  • O Data Service tracks published log updates and provides robust and secure data management with multi-user synchronization.
  • Offline data capture in the logging app means data can be collected anywhere.
  • Automatic notifications on MinePlan 3D Drillhole Manager when new field data is available providing instant access, with tracking of what data has been synced so users can verify that their datasets are up to date.
  • The sync interface in Drillhole Manager allows flexible field mapping and easy access to field data that users of the MinePlan3D need.
  • The multi-user interface allows you to control, limit and track logs entered according to date, time and user, ensuring and facilitating auditing of the data. 

value statement

O HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate minimizes data acquisition time by simplifying the field data collection process and integrating directly with MinePlan 3D. The field record app is built for the field geologist's workflow, with intuitive record templates designed to save time. O GeoSlate enables full geology workflow in MinePlan, from the early stages of exploration planning and field data collection to geomodeling and resource estimation.

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