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MinePlan Releases: MinePlan 2022 Release 2

We would like to announce that the MinePlan 2022 Release 2 it's already available on the Hexagon Mining website in the section "Client Center” (

This release contains several improvements and performance improvements.

HxGN MinePlan 3D 16.0.3 Includes the following improvements:

  • Add the option of reservations to auto slicer and to Pit Expansion Tool for non-English regions.
  • add the booking engine 4.3.0 to Pit Expansion Tool.
  • add the booking engine 4.3.0 to Autoslicer Tool.
  • add a report to 3rd Party Model Importer to show the numeric values assigned to alphanumeric items imported from Datamine models.
  • Improves the functionality of Point Editor while moving a point.

Haulage 7.5.1

  • Improves the tool while creating a Report Grouping.

HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator 1.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Offers an option to limit the task Pit Shell Generation by surface, imported or generated by the Evaluator.
  • Lets you run the remaining cases for a task when a case fails.
  • On task pit shell, “Restrictions” has been renamed to "Model Restrictions" and "Surface Restrictions for "Polygon Restrictions”.
  • O import pit shell was renamed to Import GSF.
  • in the report of Best/Worst case, only pushback final is displayed, and all other pushbacks are filtered. O Grand Total has been hidden.
  • The messages displayed for running LG and Pseudoflow have been removed.
  • Results will be displayed if there is at least one successful run.
  • Improvement in the use of variables in the formula of the Best/Worst Analysis.
  • improvement in Verify Syntax in the section Variables and Formulas.
  • improvement in pit shells imported in VAR constraint of Strategic Scheduling.

HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer 12.70 includes the following improvements:

  • Provides the option for encoding the results of Destinations and Periods  directly in the block model.
  • Added the option to assign and limit the number of excavators used to plow a cut, directly in the viewer, in the section Advanced Constraints.
  • improvement in Process Flow, when the To/From of the routes of haulage are empty, preventing unexpected tool termination.
  • Improved changes to lift/subzone at the Destination Precedence.
  • Improved creation of larger .SOA files.
  • Improved archived projects that did not include topography.
  • Improved creation of a Period Group at the Report Grouping.
  • Improvement in the values of “phase”, preventing them from being deleted in the section Destination/Phase Precedence.

HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler 5.4 includes the following improvements:

  • improvement in token in self naming per Index in the settings of Activity Types.
  • improvement when the must stop of haulage is used in MPAS.
  • Improvement in the use of Group Fields Editor at the Report Designer.
  • Improved update of model items for different booking logics in the Code Model release.
  • Improved field release "cutoffvalue” for SQL.
  • Improved ASCII file encoding, using the Windows standard for the English language.
  • Improved field release Atlas Haul Fleet and MSPlanner Haul Fleet for SQL.

GeoLogic 2.1 includes the following updates:

  • Improved to prevent solids from generating incorrectly along existing fault surfaces.

HxGN MinePlan Drillhole Manager 6.1.1 includes the following improvements:

  • update the Drillhole Manager for compatibility with the Activity Scheduler and blast.

HxGN MinePlan Blast 4.70.4 includes the following improvements:

  • update the blast for compatibility with the Activity Scheduler and reservations.

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