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MinePlan Releases: MinePlan 2022 Release 3

We would like to announce that the MinePlan 2022 Release 3 it's already available on the Hexagon Mining website in the section "Client Center” ( 

This release contains several improvements and performance improvements.

HxGN MinePlan 3D 16.0.4 includes the following improvements:

  • Adds AutoCAD import support for files DXF/DWG with format up to 2023.
  • Adds feature where the 2D plane is highlighted in a 3D view.
  • Improved performance for importing block models using the MSDART.
  • Improved performance of block model imports for 3rd party models, Vulcan and Datamine.
  • Improved coordinate system manager by adding an option for proj4.
  • Activate the tool General Gridr to plot points in 3D space.
  • Improved file import DXF/DWG exported through Global Mapper.
  • Tool improvement auto slicer to use a cut slope along a pipe polyline.
  • Improved cubing by reservations, where the subblock file was locked after execution.
  • Improved model view properties where the filter “show only” was not being respected in 2D for Outlines, Soft Contours and Soft Coloring.
  • Improved accuracy of “cutoff”, where previously it was defined by the default precision of the project settings.
  • Improved viewer hoops  where mouse rotation was turned off.
  • Improved when clicking apply on a LGO view, the data manager changed the current folder to the one with the file LGO view.
  • Tool improvement plotter when using the “Use additional xviewer features”.
  • Improved export of template items in decimals in the French version of MSDART.
  • Improvements to sets of geometries where they were not sorted alphabetically.
  • Improved when importing 3rd party models while the computer's region settings are set in Portuguese.
  • Improvement to avoid inaccuracy if the English version of MP3D is installed with French in regional settings.

HxGN MinePlan Drillhole Correlation Tool 1.2.2 includes the following improvements:

  • MinePlan Torque 6.5 compatibility.

HxGN MinePlan Logic 1.60.0 includes the following improvements:

  •  Add field to procedure 'Model Interpolation Tool', 'Composing torque' and 'Code Drillholes or Model'  at the logic to select a list file output 'Sample Site Filter' of the procedure 'Select Sample Sites by Geometry', to improve the interpolation performance in the logic.
  • Improves Logic procedure in option 'Select Sample Sites by Geometry' to include options for 'Polygon with Thickness' and 'Solid', for sample locations of Torque.
  • Improvement in procedure 'Cmpoxi' erasing the layer name in a configuration of the logic.
  • adjustment of 'Sample SiteType' of Torque, not persisting in dialog'Date Defaults' .
  • Optimizes tool processing time 'Modfil'.
  • Improved with geometry change in procedure 'Code Drillholes or Model', after loading parameters from an INI template file.
  • Allows you to add more than 20 items of content to procedure 610 of the logic to load data of type Real.

HxGN MinePlan Model Interpolation Tool1.90.0 includes the following improvements:

  • filter support DHID for interpolation.
  • MinePlan Torque 6.5 Compatibility

HxGN MinePlan Database Manager 4.3  includes the following improvements:

  • MinePlan Torque 6.5 Compatibility

HxGN MinePlan Implicit Modeling 1.70.8  includes the following improvements:

  • MinePlan Torque 6.5 Compatibility

HxGN MinePlan Bookings 4.3.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Improved cubing by Reserves, where the subblock file was locked after execution.

HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer 12.80  includes the following improvements:

  • Provides option to restrict truck units by excavator.
  • Provides the option to add Table of Contents to the Full Report.
  • Improvements in the option to export to MSR.
  • Improved shared destinations flagging duplicate labels.
  • Improved display of duplicate lines in Full Report.
  • Improved sequencing execution when used “Process Points”.
  • Option improvement 'Distribute/UnDistribute' in the dialog 'Advanced Material Mapping'.
  • improvement in Analysis Report when used "Process Points”.
  • Fix xml message when opening MPSO in version 12.6.
  • Adjust when opening the equipment excavation rate configuration dialog.
  • Improved Material Mapping by Group that cleaned up material mapping when updating the block model.
  • Improved cycle time reporting when Haulage plans are not assigned.
  • Improved use of the rule of leadline in the sequencing by digline.

HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler 5.5 includes the following improvements:

  • Added a new option to combine multiple activities including geometries and properties into a single activity.
  • Increased decimal precision for content items when manually editing activity bookings.
  • Improved saving material mapping when changing booking logic.
  • Improved cleanup of target material mapping after editing booking logic.
  • Improvement when releasing the field “date mine” correct in daily excavation.
  • Improved reporting user enumerations after splitting and routing an activity.
  • Improved property values that were being lost when splitting an activity by geometry.

HxGN Sigma 1.4.2 includes the following improvements:

  • Enables the ability to lock the value of Sill in variogram modeling.
  • Optimizes the scatterplot when using custom ranges.
  • Optimizes duplicate hole checking with high accuracy.
  • Adjust so that canceling variograms interrupts the calculation process.
  • Adjust when building a Box Plot with duplicate points added to box plot whiskers and to the lines.
  • Adjust when creating a graphics overlay before preview.

HxGN Project Evaluator 1.2 includes the following improvements:

  • Adds the ability to select the Grade Item for Mineral Content in the task of “Best Worst Analysis”.
  • Prevents entry of cost in invalid material/destination combinations for scenarios in option “Economics”.
  • Optimizes the dropdowns of scenario items in the “Economics” to select with one click.
  • Adjusts the Mineral Content calculation to include recovery and factor in the “Best Worst Analysis”.
  • Sets the return value of python script in the formulas option.
  • Sets the hotkey to be “j” creating a new Evaluator view in MP3D.

HxGN MinePlan Geologic 2.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Adds the ability to generate subdomain events for intrusion events.
  • Adds 'intermediate' trap method for events from 'Fault and Nonconformity' with ability to customize the interception rate between 0 and 1.
  • Adds more detailed error statistics reporting for events on a timeline.
  • Adds option to update the connection of the Torque, updating the drillhole data to be used by GeoLogic.
  • Improves the execution time of releases in GeoLogic.

HxGN MinePlan Drillhole Manager 6.5 includes the following improvements:

  • Improves the speed of Torque and the applications that access its base, in addition to reducing the need to 'clean up' the databases.
  • Improved speed of Torque and all applications that access the Calculated Sample Attributes.
  • Improves compositing speed using Torque composer.
  • Reduction in the amount of system memory consumed by the Torque.

HxGN MinePlan  Data Analyst 3.30.10  includes the following improvements:

  • MinePlan Torque 6.5 Compatibility

HxGN MinePlan Blast 4.70.5  includes the following improvements:

  • MinePlan Torque 6.5 Compatibility

HxGN MinePlan  Base 17.80  includes the following improvements:

  • Updates the documentation for help for procedures 208RP, 508RP, 620 and 624 related to the syntax of the DHID FILE.

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