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Topographic Survey with Drone: Integration of MinePlan and Cyclone3DR


Did you know that the MinePlan integrates drone surveying and Cyclone3DR through an intelligent and automated process? Drones are a valuable tool in mine operation and surveying. They enable rapid data collection, allowing a greater understanding of local topography, obtaining information on the precise positioning of materials, stock piles, positioning of machines for maintenance stops, construction of ramps and transport roads, drilling monitoring and disassemble, operational and safety videos, among many other applications.

Particularly in high-risk environments, autonomous reality capture offers a Unique opportunity to document and measure complex environments to create accurate digital versions. This allows companies to conduct their projects more efficiently, saving valuable time and opening up new possibilities.

Prominas offers products and solutions from hexagon that integrate data collection with mining planning and topographic survey. O Leica BLK2FLY is an autonomous flying laser scanner, capable of measuring complex structures and difficult-to-access locations in 3D.

BLK2FLY applications include measuring vertical facades, larger areas and open pits for documentation or further processing such as volumetric analysis. Due to the accuracy of the point cloud, it classifies and filters objects such as vegetation from a scan, providing an accurate digital terrain model (DTM) of the area of interest.

MinePlan allows you to topographic survey integration with drone and Cyclone3DR through an intelligent and automated process.

Figure 01: BLK2FLY drone from Leica Geosystems.

The integration between Leica BLK2FLY, Cyclone 3DR and MinePlan transforms a mostly manual process into an intelligent and automated process, simplifying mine site data capture for drone surveying and use in downstream processes. Users upload their drone-generated point cloud to the Cyclone 3DR, clean the data and perform tasks such as stock volumetrics or surface creation.

With the ability to pull point clouds, rotate the view and take measurements, mine operators have a better understanding of the current state of the mine operation and surface once the drone flight is complete.

Figure 02: Point cloud on the Leica Cyclone 3DR. The surface can be imported into MinePlan 3D and used in daily mining planning routines.

Users easily insert the mine surface into MinePlan 3D. These surfaces are the starting point in the mining planning process and become an integral part of drone surveying workflows, allowing you to create mining plans and perform sequencing and optimization of the mine based on updated data.

Critical decision-making between engineering, production, maintenance and other departments occurs in real time, enabling faster and more efficient operation.

So, did you like this tip? For more information about the Cyclone 3DR, in addition to other functionalities and tools of the MinePlan, contact our team and we will be happy to serve you.

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