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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy clarifies how Prominas processes Personal Data.

It applies to every natural person who interacts with the website and explains how Personal Data is collected and processed. Here it is also established how the holder can access, request the updating of Personal Data and make decisions about his

This Policy covers data collection activities both online and offline, covering Personal Data that is collected through channels, including but not limited to the website.

In some specific cases, if the holder decides not to provide his Personal Data, indicated as necessary, for example, in the field work with us, we may not be able to provide the opportunity to be part of our team.

Personal Data Sources

We collect Personal Data through the following sources:

  • Site: Our website can be used to collect personal data in the defined and informed fields. This may include Linkedin data when the holder registers with Prominas University.
  • Electronic mail and instant messaging systems: Services used to maintain electronic communications, including those made available directly by Prominas, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS (short message service) and the like.
  • Mobile apps: Mobile applications provided directly or through third-party services such as Google or Apple.
  • Customer service and sales center: Communications made through the call center and sales.
  • Advertisements, advertisements and online forms: Interactions with any type of advertisements, advertisements and online forms for training and capacity building.
  • Offline records: Records completed offline via website or other interactions.
  • Data received from third parties: Including, but not limited to, social networks and third-party sites such as Linkedin.

What are and how do we collect Personal Data

During interaction with the Prominas website, using one of the previously mentioned collection sources, personal data may be collected, as explained below:

  • Contact information: It includes any type of information that allows Prominas to contact the holder, including their full name, telephone number (optional) and e-mail address.
  • Demographics and your interests: Our website has plugin added, but it is not intended for the collection of demographic information, therefore it does not collect this type of data.
  • Technical information about computer equipment or mobile devices: Details about the computer or other portable device that was used by the holder to access the website are not collected, as the website does not have plugin added added for this purpose.
  • Information on how the holder uses the website and services: During interaction with the website, automatic data collection technologies are used to capture information about the actions taken by the holder. Our website collects cookies and has plugin added.
  • Market research and consumer feedback: It is information voluntarily shared by the holder, about his experience of using products and services offered by Prominas.
  • Consumer generated content: Including any content created or shared by the holder with Prominas through social networks, including social network applications such as Linkedin.
  • Third-party social media information: This is any data publicly shared by the holder on a third-party social network or information that is part of their profile on Linkedin.
  • Contacts with our Customer Service – Contact Us: The owner's interactions with the website through Fale Conosco and/or Liga pra Gente will not be recorded by Prominas, in accordance with applicable laws. being stored
    only the texts of the messages to return the contact.
  • Sensitive Personal Data: Prominas does not process Personal Data considered sensitive from customers and/or partners, but only from its employees. In this way, there is no collection or processing of sensitive personal data in the normal course of interactions with the website or social networks.
  • When there is a legitimate interest: We will obtain your prior, express and formal consent for any processing that is voluntary (for example, for marketing purposes). If we process your personal data for other purposes, we will rely on the following legal bases: consent; legal obligation and/or performance of contract.

About Personal Data of Children and Adolescents

We do not knowingly request, collect, process, store or share personal data from children and adolescents, with the exception of the data of our employees' dependents for the fulfillment of a legal obligation or contract execution. If we discover that any kind of handling of said data has taken place, unintentionally, we will remove the child's personal data from our records immediately.

About the use of Cookies, log files and the like

Cookies are small text files that can be placed on the computer or portable device by websites or web services that the holder uses. They are used to ensure the proper functioning of websites and other online services, as well as to provide information to the owners of the website or online service.

We clarify that the Prominas website collects cookies, as it has plugin added for this purpose. Cookies expire in 90 (ninety) days, after which the owner/user must read and accept our terms again to be able to access, “browse” and use all the features of the website.

Cookies are used to improve the use and functionality of the websites and other compatible web services and to better understand how visitors use the website and online services. Cookies facilitate the process of adapting the website to the owner's needs, facilitating their use whenever possible, such as returning customer contacts.

Types of Cookies:

  • Session cookies: These are temporary use cookies, which are deleted when the holder closes the browser. When the holder restarts the browser and returns to the website that created the cookie, that website treats the holder as a new visitor.
  • persistent cookies: These are Cookies that remain in the browser until the holder manually deletes them or until the browser deletes them according to the duration period established by the cookie. These Cookies will recognize the visitor's return to the website.
  • Required Cookies: These are Cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of a website or service. They allow the holder to browse the website and use its features.

Most browsers allow the holder to establish rules to warn him before accepting Cookies or rejecting them. However, as explained, to browse our site, necessary Cookies must be enabled for the operation to be available.

We recommend that the user check the “help” button in the browser on how to configure it. We remind you that if you use different browsers, or even different computers and/or portable devices in different locations, you must ensure that each device and browser is adjusted to your personal cookie preferences.

About the use of Personal Data

The following items describe the purposes for which we collect Personal Data and the purpose.

  • Talk to Prominas: Personal Data is used for the purpose of responding to the holder's contact, answering questions and inquiries from customers. Usually, this only requires personal contact information and the name of the holder.
  • Newsletter: With the consent of the holder, we use Personal Data to provide information about Prominas events and news. In this situation, the use of Personal Data is completely voluntary, which means that the holder can oppose, or even withdraw his consent at any time, to the processing of Personal Data for this purpose using the opt-out link contained at the end of the e -mail.
  • Work with us: We use the Personal Data of the holder if he is interested in applying for the selection process to compose the Prominas team. The registration is carried out voluntarily by the holder who gives consent for the processing of personal data, in addition to allowing Prominas to contact him for an interview. Being in the interest of the holder, he may oppose the treatment by requesting the deletion of his data/curriculum.
  • University: We collect the personal data of the holder who gives his consent and requests a reservation for registration in a course or training, the purpose being the pre-execution of the contract. Data will be processed to return the contact, send the proposal and schedule a date for the course/training.
  • Other purposes and situations in general: In accordance with current legislation, Prominas processes Personal Data for general purposes, such as returning contact, conducting a job interview, registering the holder in a database and sending
    content of events, news, and advertising campaigns. We inform you that we invest in security and protection of personal data processed.

About the disclosure of Personal Data

In addition to the internal processing of data by Prominas, sharing with the following types of third-party organizations may occur:

  • Service providers: Service providers, authorized to access Personal Data on behalf of the company for specific tasks, which are requested based on direct instructions. Service providers are contractually obligated to keep Personal Data confidential and secure, and in cases of breach they are jointly and severally liable in accordance with current legislation.
  • Third parties who use Personal Data for legal reasons: we may disclose Personal Data to third parties for legal reasons or for some legal/judicial determination.

About the retention and termination of the processing of Personal Data

In accordance with current legislation, we use Personal Data for as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes for which the Data was collected, as described in this Policy, or to comply with legal requirements.

Upon termination of the processing of Personal Data, they will be deleted within the scope and technical limits of the activities, conservation being authorized in the situations provided for in current legislation or based on consent, legal obligation and contract execution.

About the disclosure, storage or transfer of Personal Data

Prominas takes all appropriate measures to ensure that Personal Data is kept confidential and secure. However, these protections do not apply to information that the holder has chosen to share in public areas, such as third-party social networks.

  • Persons who can access Personal Data: Personal Data will be processed by our employees, provided that they need to have access to such information, depending on the specific purposes for which their
    Personal Data has been collected.
  • Measures taken in operational environments: We store Personal Data in operational environments with reasonable security measures, both technical and administrative, to prevent any type of unauthorized access.
    authorized. We follow reasonable protocols to protect Personal Data.
  • Measures we expect the holder to take: It is important that the holder keeps his Personal Data safe. When creating an online account, be sure to choose a password that is strong. We recommend that you never reveal or share your password with others. The holder is solely responsible for keeping the password confidential and for any action taken through his account on compatible websites and services. If the holder uses a shared or public computer, he/she must never choose the option to remember his/her login, email address or password, and must make sure that he/she has logged out whenever he/she stops using the device.
  • Transfer of Personal Data: Given the nature of the business, it is possible that we may have to transfer stored Personal Data to third parties, in accordance with the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. For this reason, we may transfer Personal Data to other countries, as long as they have laws and regulations compatible with those in force in Brazil.

About rights regarding Personal Data

The holder has the right to confirm the existence, access, review, modify and/or request an electronic copy of the information of their processed Personal Data. You also have the right to request details about the origin of the Data or sharing with third parties.

At any time, the holder may limit the use or revoke consent to any of the Personal Data processing activities, except in situations provided for in current legislation.

Rights can be exercised through the communication channels detailed in this policy, requiring validation of the holder's identity, in accordance with current legislation. Whenever a request is submitted without providing the necessary evidence to prove the legitimacy of the data subject, the request will be automatically rejected.

We emphasize that, some situations require the retention of Personal Data even after the deletion request, to satisfy legal or contractual obligations.

What choices about how we use and disclose Personal Data The following mechanisms give the subject control over the processing of Personal Data:

  • Cookies/Similar Technologies: the holder can manage his consent using:
    • Browser settings to refuse some or all Cookies and similar technologies, or to alert you when they are being used. Remembering that the necessary cookies, as explained, are mandatory for the availability of the features of this website.
  • Advertising and marketing: the holder may consent for the Personal Data to be used to promote services, but if he/she no longer wishes to receive the communications/newsletter, he/she may unsubscribe at any time, following the instructions provided. To unsubscribe from the newsletter, simply choose to use the links available in communications, or by calling the customer service/contact.
  • Targeted advertising: We may partner with ad networks and other service or ad providers that serve advertisements and other advertisements on behalf of Prominas.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If the way Personal Data is processed is changed, this Policy will be updated. Prominas reserves the right to make changes to internal practices and to this Policy at any time, provided that compliance with current legislation is maintained.

how to get in touch

The owner can contact:

  • Ask questions or comments about this Policy and the privacy and protection of Personal Data practices;
  • Confirm the existence of processing of Personal Data;
  • Request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data;
  • Request the deletion of personal data processed with consent, except in the cases provided for in current legislation;
  • Obtain information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of this refusal;
  • Other rights of the holder of personal data, according to current legislation.

For contact we provide the following channels:

  • Person in charge of the Processing of Personal Data:
    • João Franco
    • (31) 3497-5092
  • Phones:
    • (31) 99768-8759 and/or (31) 3441-5393

Prominas will analyze and respond, within a reasonable period of time, to any request regarding the processing of Personal Data, from the perspective of applicable privacy and personal data protection laws.

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