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We are representatives exclusive in Brazil


developing solutions for mines underground  and open pit  using the technology for the areas of planning, operation and safety in Geology and Engineering.

We are representatives EXCLUSIVE from HxGN MinePlan®

The founding of Hexagon AB in 1992 marked the beginning of a process of mergers, acquisitions and constant growth. The goal was to lead the way in resolving the challenges of the modern world, providing innovative information technologies to create a positive and lasting impact.

New strategies were defined so that Hexagon AB could further strengthen and expand its business range, a series of world-class brands were acquired (stand alone) over the years. These brands have contributed to the excellent reputation of their industry-leading products.

Currently, Hexagon AB stands out as a company where synergy strengthens the whole, having a shared understanding of barriers and opportunities in order to create a collective vision of innovation.

In this context, the Hexagon Mining – Hexagon AB’s vertical in this segment – offers integrated resources to improve mine safety and productivity. With a holistic approach, connects planning, operations and security, and provides intelligent analytics for the business.

In 2014, negotiations were finalized for the purchase of Mintec Inc., developer of MinePlan®, world leader in mining planning software, encompassing, in addition to the headquarters in Tucson, branches in Mexico, Canada, Peru, Chile, Australia, South Africa and London. Jointly absorbing a network of more than 350 mining companies with more than 3000 licenses sold worldwide.

MinePlan® then joins the resources offered by other previously acquired brands such as Leica Geosystems, Devex, SAFEmine, all leaders in their segments. O Main objective is to provide cutting-edge tools capable of meeting the challenges of a mine by integrating design, planning, and operation technologies for safety and productivity aiming to implement improvements and develop Management, Engineering and Geology projects with better quality.

THE PROMINAS, as the exclusive MinePlan® representative in Brazil, works together with the companies of the Hexagon Mining Group, providing a complete flow of data across all mining operations.


HxGN MinePlan® is a suite of applications aimed at developing Mining projects in their various stages of evolution in a 3D environment and its advanced technology provides interactive editing of various types of data.

O HxGN MinePlan® meets all the needs of underground or surface mining, and of different types of mineralization, with a know-how of over 40 years. It has an extensive set of tools that can be used from exploration projects to mine closure, working at all levels of geology, engineering, topography and mine operation. Among them we can mention:

  • Interface with a SQL environment through the topographic database manager and various types of drilling and/or dismantling holes;
  • Advanced statistical and geostatistical analysis tools;
  • Advanced composite creation tools, 2D and 3D CAD tools for geological modeling;
  • 3D block models, block models with variable thickness applied to stratiform models (Stratigraphic Model or old GSM);
  • Tools design of pits and piles;
  • Underground and open pit mining planning tools, mining sequencers and optimizers, fleet sizing and control tools, etc.

O HxGN MinePlan® offers extensive editing options using 2D and 3D CAD tools and the most advanced 3D tools for calculations between solids and surfaces, as well as sophisticated visualization and plotting.

It is possible to manage projects HxGN MinePlan® in a network environment with multiple users and guarantee their security through the tool HxGN MinePlan® Data Security System® (MPDSS).

The system HxGN MinePlan® is present in the largest mines in Brazil and the world, transforming complex processes into simple, complete, correct and controllable processes. Through it, mining companies have more time to plan, implement improvements and develop their Management, Engineering and Geology projects with better quality.


Store, manage and analyze drillhole data, geological interpretations and accurate block models.


Create short to medium term executive calendars, determining the most productive mine cutting sequence.


Software integration for slope control, drilling and blast design and data reconciliation.


Software for 3D visualization, schedule scheduling, activity scheduling, surface generation, among others.

The company and the team RIGHT for your PROJECT
William Werner
New Gold Inc.
Drilling & Blasting Engineer

“Everything is easier in HxGN MinePlan Blast. There's no doubt that you've built the best design tool in our industry. …we have achieved cost savings of 12% since October 2015 when the HxGN MinePlan Blast implementation was completed”

Alfredo Silva
Anglo American
Short Term Planning Engineer

“The Atlas solution is a tool that has consistently helped us with short-term planning. We use the tool in all our activities, whether in mining sequencing or in the sequencing of infrastructure activities. The tool helps us quickly carry out scenarios and identify conflicts of activities that could result in non-compliance with the plan.”

Rafael Grossi
Mining Coordinator

“MPSO is a mining sequencing module that generates excellent results, uses an integrated mine planning system, contains well-defined mining objectives, practical and didactic interface, agility in reading the algorithms, sequence of animations, in addition to having reports automation of the main production variables. It can be applied at all stages of mine planning, from the very short term to the “Life of Mine” of an enterprise. Essential tool for fast and safe results”

Paul Tan
Great Panther Mining
Technical and Resource Manager

“…All data relevant to a project, such as topography files, block models, pit design, polygon release/realization, geology wireframes, are kept within a logical project structure on our network for easy access and review. Drillhole and grid control data is stored within the MinePlan Torque (SQL) database, which is fully integrated with the routines built into MinePlan, which generates hole composites…”

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