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Polyline Size Parameters: Calculate Polylines and Polygons in seconds


Did you know that the MinePlan 3D (MP3D) has a functionality that calculates and displays geometric information about polylines and polygons? The tool Polyline Size Parameters, located in the Menu polyline, allows the user to quickly and practically calculate information such as length, area, volume and tonnage of polylines and polygons.

The first section of the tool presents the number of polylines and polygons selected, in addition to their respective length (total and in plan) in meters. The second section is responsible for calculating area (total and in plan), volume and tonnage.

The area is automatically obtained for polygons, and can be computed for polylines when enabling the option Compute areas/volume for polylines, being estimated according to the polygon that would be generated when closing the polylines. Volume and tonnage are obtained with values determined for thickness and density.

Another interesting point is the possibility of customizing calculations. The user can define specific thickness and density to obtain more accurate results, depending on the characteristics of the material under study. This flexibility allows MinePlan 3D to be adapted to different scenarios and needs, providing greater precision and efficiency in the planning and analysis of mining projects.

In addition to these settings, it is possible to enable the option to accumulate the selection, that is, check the results for several elements at the same time, or individually, with the option disabled. Figure 1 presents the results of the Polyline Size Parameters for a polyline and a polygon.

Figure 1: Tool Polyline Size Parameters calculating for a polygon and a polyline.

So, did you like this tip? O MinePlan 3D (MP3D) is full of features that make life easier for mining professionals, and the Polyline Size Parameters tool is just one of them. With the ability to quickly calculate length, area, volume and tonnage of polylines and polygons, this functionality becomes essential for efficient and accurate analysis.

If you want to further explore the potential of MinePlan and improve your skills, our team is ready to help you. Contact us for more information about this and other tools that can transform your MP3D experience.

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