2020 January

Tips & Tricks Prominas/MineSight: Storing Equipment in MSHaulage

In order not to need to re-enter the data of a certain type of equipment, it is possible to store this information in the project's database. This option is accessed by clicking the “Equipment Repository” icon in the MSHaulage “Equipment” menu. Information such as physical availability, utilization, payload and speed curves, fuel consumption and rimpull are stored and if you start a new MSHaulage project, in the same database as your project, just enter the above command and load the equipment that interests you. It is also possible to export equipment saved in the “Equipment Repository” from an MSHaulage so that they can be imported into another database. This option allows you to have a database of your mine's loading and transport equipment and eliminates the need to always fill in the same equipment data.

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MineEnterprise: Data Integration in Mining 4.0

MineEnterprise: Data Integration in Mining 4.0 Meet the Prominas Mining PODCAST. A quick chat about the news of modern mining and the solutions that Prominas has to make the mining chain faster, more practical and more delivered. In our first edition, our Technological Solutions Manager, Eder Alves, tells about how HxGN Mine Enterprise uses advanced and modern Power BI and Big Data technologies in the so-called Mining 4.0. Learn more about the development of technology for the needs of mine workers has made it possible to make data available for remote access, transforming it into strategic information for analysis. APERTA O PLAY Quer saber mais sobre o Mine Enterprise, entre em contato com o #TimeProminas Fone: (31) 3497-5092 E-mail: contato@prominasmining.com #prominasmining #geologia #engenhariademinas #exposibram #hexagonmining #mineplan #mineracao #mining #geology #planning #consulting #technology #software