2021 May


D&T Prominas | MPTorque: Integration with Blast

D&T Prominas | MPTorque: Integration with Blast Did you know that it is possible to integrate drill and blast mesh designs generated in the MinePlan Blast tool with a MinePlan Torque database? Blasting hole designs created and configured in Blast can be automatically added to a Torque database, thus integrating all information into the same database. Figure 1 – Connection to the database With this, it is possible to integrate quality control information, such as drill dust samples or other field information, such as that from drill rigs, thus allowing the flow of creation of Short Cut models Deadline and Grade Control are optimized. Figure 2: Integrated Workflow for Grade Control In this way, with all the information in…


D&T Prominas | Ramp Builder

D&T Prominas | Ramp Builder: Automatic Ramp Projection. Did you know that MinePlan has a tool for the automatic creation of ramps? With the Ramp Builder tool, located in the Op Eng Tools menu, you can create a ramp simply and automatically using the foot and crest lines. After specifying the foot and crest lines, the user can set parameters such as: Slope grid; Width; Cut/fill percentage; Face angle; Ramp Position. Defining the start, end or both points, with the Preview option it is possible to preview the result before saving it and clicking on Apply the result will be saved in a geometric object, with the lines and surface of the ramp and the lines of foot and crest already updated. Figure 1: Ramp Builder. In addition to creating the Ramp, the tool also has settings…


D&T Prominas | MSTorque

D&T Prominas | MSTorque : Automatic import of data table headers. Do you need to automatically import data table headers into MSTorque? After configuring the MSTorque setup and importing the tables assigned to the drillholes, with just one click, the Auto Map function automatically imports the headers of the data tables and correlates them with the tool's default configuration. Note how simple it is to use the Auto Map option: Figure 1 – No Auto Map application Figure 2 – Auto Map application and automatic header filling. So, did you like the tip? For more information about MSTorque, contact our team and we will be happy to assist you. To the next!!! Prominas Mining Team


Tech News | Hexagon MineEnterprise Interval Control

    Tech News | Hexagon MineEnterprise Interval Control MinePlan, formerly known as MineSight, is comprised of solutions that span production planning, engineering, and geology flows. In the case of MinePlan 3D, it is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software that allows the visualization and creation of 3D mining data. MinePlan Activity Scheduler (MPAS) is a software package designed to help mining planners build tactical schedules from a production planning perspective and with the level of detail necessary to minimize variance between plan and execution. Thus, the MPAS solution meets a need for collaboration by connecting processes and data in a central location to support the management of a mine. This short range control module allows mine planning engineers to utilize…