2023 August

Release 2

HxGN MinePlan 2023 Release 2 features improvements in geostatistics and sequencing.

The MinePlan team has been actively listening and incorporating valuable customer feedback and has implemented several improvements as a result. This release covers a number of exciting features and enhancements to a variety of our tools. What's New in HxGN Geoscience MinePlan Multi-Indicator Variographic Analysis Multi-indicator variographic analysis has been added to the MinePlan Sigma geostatistics solution. Users can now conveniently analyze their multi-gauge overlay variograms, select parameters for multi-gauge kriging, and then send the selected parameters directly to the Model Interpolation Tool for model interpolation. This adds another important function to geostatistical tools for more accurate modeling on complex data with skewed distributions where more traditional variogram models may not be appropriate. Figure 1: Variographic Analysis of Multiple Indicators with input data and results visualized in MinePlan…


HxGN MinePlan 2023 Release 1 features an innovative Block Model Management solution and much more!

The MinePlan development team has been hard at work listening to customer feedback and making improvements to improve the products. The first 2023 version of MinePlan includes an entirely new product and a number of new features in existing tools. HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager This release introduces HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager, a solution that addresses the complex challenges associated with managing project data. With MinePlan Block Model Manager, users can quickly populate, manage and share block models from HxGN MinePlan 3D and third-party systems. One of the main features of Block Model Manager is its new API, which simplifies integration with other systems, allowing data interoperability. This means you no longer need to manually import or export block model data, simplifying the process…


D&T Prominas | MinePlan Activity Scheduler – Database

MinePlan Activity Scheduler – Database: New MinePlan Activity Scheduler (MPAS) storage option in MinePlan 2023 Release 2. Did you know that in the new version of MinePlan, an option for remote storage of MPAS projects has been added? The latest MinePlan update, MinePlan 2023 Release 2, includes an option that allows users to store and access their MPAS projects remotely, also allowing access by more than one simultaneous user to the same project. To use this option, the user must map a server, where the project will be stored, through the option Configure Remote Data Store Location, available in MPAS/Planner Project Converter in the Utilities menu of MinePlan 3D (MP3D). It is necessary to map the Host (ID) of the server and the Port of access to it, and then create and configure the project normally…