2021 January


Tips & Tricks Prominas | MinePlan Reserves 4.0

MinePlan Reserves 4.0: New Reserves Version 4.0 brings evolution in the interface and new features. Would you like to perform a cube and be able to analyze more than one Cutoff item in the report or calculate the reserves between two period start and end surfaces? With the new version of Reserves, this information is obtained in a simple and efficient way. MPReserves 4.0 is more complete and faster. With it, the user will work with an interactive interface, being able to perform the cubing between two surfaces, solids, polygons and also an area of the model from the specification of a Range. Figure 1 – New Reserves 4.0 Interface When performing the cubing, between two surfaces for example, the information of one or more Cutoffs can be observed in the report and the names of the surfaces used can be verified in the…


Tips & Tricks Prominas | MinePlan Torque

MinePlan Torque: A data management system for drillholes, blast holes, and other types of spot sampling. Would you like to store your geological data securely and integrated not only with other MinePlan tools, but also with external databases? MPTorque is a database manager fully integrated with other MinePlan products allowing coding, spearing, compositing, interpolation and visualization of geological data. The data can be stored locally or on a SQL server, allowing its sharing and with complete security in its access and maintenance. Figure 1 – MPTorque Main Interface Figure 2 – MinePlan 3D Integration MPTorque is a complete solution and includes modules such as MPTorque QAQC. Figure 3 – MPTorque QAQC Import, export, validation and calculation routines can be automated resulting in…