2021 August


Prominas Mining Notice – LGPD

PROMINAS MINING, committed to integrity, transparency and corporate governance, informs that it is in the process of adapting to the provisions of the General Data Protection Law, Law No. 13,709/2018 (LGPD). For this reason, our data processing processes are undergoing some changes, with a focus on generating more security, reliability, efficiency and transparency for our customers and partners. We are aware of the importance of the DATA that we process daily and committed to ethics in the job market and our pioneering spirit, we are adopting all measures for internal adequacy and compliance with the requirements of the LGPD. Clear your doubts with our Data Officer: João Franco, telephone (31) 3497-5092 e-mail: contato@prominasmining.com. The Data Protection Culture, now more than ever, is part of PROMINAS MINING's pillars of action. Sincerely, PROMINAS MINING