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MineSight is now MinePlan®

New Hexagon Portfolio Eases Mining Processes

THE hexagon, a global leader in digital solutions, has reorganized its portfolio of products aimed at the mining division, with the changes, MineSight, from Mintec Inc, has become MinePlan®  .

The company's new era is designed to simplify the way its customers evaluate solutions across the entire mine lifecycle, so its new portfolio consolidates multiple products into optimized solution packages and introduces a new concentration of nomenclature.

The goal was to enhance the experience to include the introduction of subscription licensing, improved user interfaces, and strengthened support and services.

Mining division president Josh Weiss says customers don't need to worry about how the company's extensive portfolio can benefit their mining operation.

By optimizing our product packages into a simplified, easy-to-follow portfolio structure, we make it easier for our customers to understand how our offerings can support them..”
Complete the president.


In 2015, when the Hexagon Mining formed, a major challenge was faced: the union of four major brands combined and each of them with established product lines.

The task was arduous as the existing names can represent tradition, history and quality, in addition to, of course, trademarketing and rebranding costs. As such, the company's vision is to be the smart technology partner for mine life solutions.

Continuing with the mantra “easy to buy and easy to use”, Hexagon Mining sDramatically simplified and reorganized the product portfolio into simplified solution packages. What's new is that products are aligned across planning, operations, and security portfolios, with new, intuitive names that replace disconnected legacy brands.

This new portfolio consolidates several into optimized solution packages and introduces a new naming convention, opening the door to new software functionality and reorganization.

"O Mine management can be complex, but evaluating solutions to improve operations should not be“Weiss said. "We now have a portfolio aligned with the way our customers think.

Check out the list of products that have changed their name:

HxGN MinePlan 3D MineSight 3D (Core, Advanced CAD, Basis Modeling)
Geology Suite
HxGN MinePlan Geology Foundation MS3D, Geology CAD, Torque, QAQC, Sigma, Basis Geostats
HxGN MinePlan Geology Pro Pro: Geology Foundation + Geologic
engineering suite
HxGN MinePlan Engineering Quarry Foundation MS3D, Torque, Block Modeling and Resource Estimation, Geology, Mine Design CAD
HxGN MinePlan Engineering Quarry Pro Foundation + Planner and Blast Design
HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP STP Foundation MS3D package, Engineering OP CAD, MS Atlas Standard, Release
HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP STP Pro STP Foundation + MS Haulage
HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP LTP Foundation  MS3D, Engineering OP CAD, Haulage
HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP LTP Pro LTP Foundation + Schedule Optimizer Extended and Economic Planner
HxGN MinePlan Engineering UG Foundation MS3D, Engineering UG CAD, MS Planner, Room + Pillar
HxGN MinePlan Engineering UG Pro Foundation + Atlas Standard Extended and Stope Optimizer and Release
HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer MSSO OPTIONS: Standard or Extended
HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler MS Atlas OPTIONS: Standard or Extended
HxGN MinePlan Strategic Planning  MS3D, Engineering OP CAD, Economic Planner
Production Suite
HxGN MinePlan Production Foundation MS3D, Engineering OP/UG CAD, Drillhole Manager (Torque), QAQC, Planner
HxGN MinePlan Production Pro Foundation + Operations (MS Axis) and Blast
HxGN MinePlan Blast MS Blast
HxGN MinePlan Operations MS Axis
HxGN MinePlan Digblock Optimizer MS Digblock Optimizer

Many changes! 🙂

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PROMINAS Mining Team.

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